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The world didn’t end….suppose I should blog!

21 Dec

Well folks, that whole 12/21 thing didn’t quite pan out, which means it’s time for me to get back to this ol’ blogging gig. Any of you track that? I literally paid no attention to it until I watched some crazy film on History channel last night. For a moment, I questioned my apathy. I was going to feel pretty dumb for being utterly unprepared if something happened. Luckily for me, I was on the winning (unprepared, non-caring) side of things when I awoke today. But, enough with that – onward and upward. 🙂

…To say that I’ve just been off the grid for the past few months would be a total understatement. A LOT has been going on and changing in my life which left me feeling a little exhausted and not the least bit motivated. I have spent most of the past months lounging, sleeping, and eating food not prepared in my kitchen. Perhaps this was a funk, or a bout of depression (hehe!), or just seasonal effective disorder?!?! Whatever it was, I feel like I’m on the other side. Woo hoo! That means, I should most definitely get back to the blog.

For those of you who actually know me and read this blog to keep up with my life, let me bring you up to speed.

Mr Military Man!

The hubs is in the Advanced stage of flight school right now, learning to fly the TH-57B (helicopter). He basically spends Monday – Friday just flying and studying. It’s a pretty intense schedule but he’s a trooper and keeps up with it all flawlessly. Thankfully he LOVES flying helicopters (way more than he ever liked flying the T6 in Primary), which is just awesome. I guess when you truly enjoy what you’re doing all of the work doesn’t really seem that bad. As of right now, he has just 4 flights left before he will have his first SOLO flight in the helo. How cool is that?

My job!

So, I have changed my professional life up a bit yet again. I took a job at a doctor’s practice doing Nutritional Counseling. I love, love, love my job! The office is quite small (only 5 of us) and the people I work with are amazing! We all get along so well, which makes the days fly by. And, I love WHAT I’m doing. When I decided to get into nutrition, I really wanted to do it from a weight loss point of view. I struggled with my weight for about 20 years before I finally got all the pieces together and learned how to get to and maintain a healthy weight. Each and every day, my job is to education and motivate others to accomplish the same. While I’ve learned that I can’t change everyone, I’ve also learned that it feels spectacular when you DO make a difference in someone’s life. Weight is such a game-changer. People’s lives change 100% when they shed excess pounds and open themselves up to possibility. My goal with this job is to learn all I can from a clinic/medical/professional point of view to apply to my own business down the road.

Simply You Health & Wellness

Simply You is my passion and my long-term goal, but for now, it’s on hold while I get all I can out of this experience. I first considered continuing to see clients through my business while working for this doctor. However, I quickly realized that it is very difficult to separate the two and ensure no conflict of interest. So, I’ve decided to take full advantage of the opportunity I have right now to learn and build my confidence in a new career. Everything I’m learning here will help to ensure that I am well trained and properly skilled to help clients when I return to Simply You Health & Wellness. As of now, we’re slated to leave Pensacola in June, which means Simply You Health & Wellness should be running full-steam-ahead by August. 🙂 Stay tuned!


Um…..errrr….well, my kitchen and I had a horrible break-up. Ok, I mean, it wasn’t all drama ridden with shattered appliances and sauce strewn across the cupboards. I guess, to be more accurate, I walked out on my kitchen. For about 10 weeks straight, I didn’t do much grocery shopping, turn on my oven, or whip up any fun dinners. Rather, we lived on greek yogurt and coffee at breakfast, tuna and cheese for lunch, and restaurants for dinner. Let me tell you folks, this wasn’t good our overall wellness, or our pocket books. Sheesh! You don’t realize how much better homemade food is until you remove yourself from it completely. I felt like a bloated, lethargic mess 24/7. Ick! And, our budget for food went right out the window. Eating out gets expensive! But, I am happy to report that I have successfully prepared meals each and every day this week which means new recipes should be making an appearance on the blog soon. Woo hooooooo for nom noms!


Just last week, I officially completed my program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and am officially a Certified Holistic Health Coach! Woot!!! The journey was so amazing and I am excited to apply all that I learned. But, it’s not over just yet. I actually enrolled in a 6-month Immersion program with the school to continue my studies with more focus on a target market/goal. Excited to see what that brings! Also, I recently completed a Graduate Certificate Program in Graphic Design through Ashworth University – with HONORS! What, what?! It was a lot of fun, but so much harder than I anticipated. I’m not quite ready to take the design world by storm just yet, but I did learn some fun things that should help me with the blog and photography. Currently, I’m exploring the possibility of enrolling in a Nutrition program through the University of Alabama or getting my certification as a Personal Trainer. I need to make a decision on this by mid-January, so I’ve got to start listing out some pros and cons to get there! (For those of you who think I’m just crazy for continuously taking classes and pursuing certificates, I’m simply taking advantage of the free educational opportunities provided to military spouses. How cool is the opportunity to study for free? And, even if the things I do aren’t applicable at this exact moment, they may be the difference between my dream job and unemployment down the line!)

Our dogs!

Our girls are just as cuddly and playful as ever. Violet has learned the art of playing with squeaky toys 24/7 (thank you Duchess!), so our house is generally full of squeaks and running dogs. They girls absolutely LOVE playing at the dog park and hanging out downtown. We’ve discovered a handful of dog friendly restaurants and bars so we take the girls out with us as much as we can. 🙂 I’ll be sure to get some updated photos up soon.

Alright folks, well, with that, I must run. I have a few appointments today (the first in :30 minutes), and I look a mess. To shower and run! I’ll be back with more interesting, and photo-filled, posts soon!

Happy Friday (with a side of my *happy Friday dance*)


Happy fall y’all….

4 Nov

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve blogged. I am just not at all good with routine and staying on top of things. I feel like I used to be very “type A” about things, but that has so changed over the past few years. That said, I figured I’d update y’all on what’s going on the Military Mrs. household. Here we go!

1)  Mr. Military Man is officially going to be a Helicopter pilot. Yep, that’s right. Last month, we received the news that he’ll spend the next 8 months or so training to fly helicopters here in Florida. This news also means we don’t have to move….yet. 🙂 Hooray!!! He just started training late last week, so there isn’t too much exciting helicopter news to share just yet. But rest assured I’ll do my best to keep you up to date!

2)  I got a new job. Yes, my life is a bit crazy since I left my sales job and have tried to figure out what to do while focusing on what I love – nutrition. Well, things are coming along. Just a few weeks ago, I accepted an offer form a medical office to work as a Nutritional Counselor. I basically get to spend my workdays counseling those who are trying to lose weight. I work with them on calorie ranges, healthy swap ideas, the emotional side of weight, menu planning, and so much more. It really couldn’t be a more perfect fit for me right now. And, working under a Physician while in this role gives me really great experience and insight. So, that’s coming along splendidly. Hooray for the second time!

3)  Food! Mr. Military Man has expressed his desire to incorporate more meat into his diet. I’ve run our house at about 80% vegetarian since we got married and he’s never complained. But, now, it’s time for a change. That said, everything from grocery shopping to the looks of my fridge to my cooking habits are going through a bit of a change. My plan is to still remain 50%-75% vegetarian while making sure to incorporate meats back into our meals for the Mr. Today, I cooked up a couple of pounds of chicken for him to take for lunch this week. I also boiled a bunch of eggs, and have plans to cook up some turkey burgers later. I’m taking pictures, and making notes, along the way to share with you in one individual blog post on how I meal prep for each of us on Sundays!

4)  I’m enrolled in a Graphic Design Certification program through Ashworth University. It’s hard. Really stinking hard and frustrating. I stare at Photoshop and get nowhere. I read and re-read passages of my text book and feel that it may as well be in freaking Spanish. I am half-way through the program and can’t even edit a dang photo. Needless to say, this is taking up a lot of my time. Definitely more than I anticipated. I sure am a sucker for loading up my plate of life! Pray for me!!! 😉

I think that’s about all I have for now. Nothing too exciting, huh? Perhaps that’s why I’ve been MIA on this blog once again. I do have a lot of food and nutrition related things floating around in my mind that I want to write about and share with you, so hopefully November will be an active blogging month.

I hope fall is off to a wonderful start. I’ll be back soon!!! 🙂 Until then, more pictures of our pups….because they’re so stinkin’ cute!!!

My life – let’s hit the highlights!

16 Aug

Hi y’all. Happy Wednesday night. Although it most definitely feels like tomorrow should be Saturday, it’s indeed only Wednesday. Womp womp! Before I get to the food, which is my main priority up on this page, I thought I’d update you on some of the other things that make up my life.

1) Mr. Military Man:  He is flying, and flying, and flying. In fact, I think he’s gone flying more than he is home. And, he has been scheduled for lots of evening and overnight flights, which means I hardly ever see him. This is totally no bueno, but just part of the gig. He is doing well, and super close to finishing this phase of flight school (aka Primary). That means that he’ll be selecting an aircraft soon and moving onto the next phase of things (aka Advanced). At this point, he seems to be leaning toward Maritime (blah, blah Navy speak, but it means he’ll be flying planes that we civilians would ID as those sorts that Southwest Airlines flies). Should this become reality, we’ll likely make a move to TX in September or October. I have to say, I’m sort of okay with that. While I love, love, love Florida and the life we have here, I’m up for something new. Moving is always so exciting – new place to live, new friends, new outings, etc. I like “shaking things up” – for now. We may as well enjoy it while we only have furry children (our two pups!). 🙂 I’ll be sure to keep you posted, but things are going well and we’re anxious to get thru the next 30 days or so to find out what’s next.

2) Doggy training:  We adopted our newborn (we call Duchess, our oldest pup, “first born” which means our youngest dog, Violet, is dubbed “new born”. Clever, aren’t we?) from PAL in Crestview, FL. The shelter is owned by this lovely lady, Hannah, who is an absolute doll. She has created such a great, safe space for these homeless pups on her personal homeland and takes such good care of them. Part of adopting through her is a free dog “training” session with Ken of “The Smartest Dog on the Block“. We’ve put it off for far too long, but finally took advantage of our free session last week. And, OMG! This guy is amazing. I figured a dog trainer would come into our house and teach us to yell commands and swat our dogs. Boy, was I wrong. This guy was totally calm, kind, and NON-PHYSICAL. Everything he tought us involved being calm and assertive, but never mean or physical. We learned some great tips for keeping the girls calm and quiet….oh and down on the ground instead of up jumping on us and everyone who enters our home. So good! We are implementing his diretions each day and seeing great progress in the girls. If we get to stay in Florida for Advanced (the next phase of flight school), we are going to do a full 5 week program with him to turn our girls into superstar listeners! 🙂

3) The new gig:  I’m still really loving my new job. The people I work with are fun and I totally enjoy the socializing. With my past job, I spent a lot of my time working from hom, which made it hard to create much of a social life in a new place. So, total plus there. Additionally, the kids at camp are so stinkin’ awesome. Sure, there are a few troublesome kiddos, but the good ones sure outshine them and I’ll miss many of them who do not return for our after-school program after this week. I also love the part-time schedule and the hourly set-up. After working all of the time, bieng tied to a cell phone/email 24/7, and traveling like a crazy person, the new schedule and being DONE when I leave the building is a total PLUS!!!

4) Swimming:  Since leaving my last job, I have found myself with some free time (hallelujah!), so Mr. Military Man and I joined a local gym. While there were many options in town, we chose the CLUB II for their indoor and outdoor pools. For those of you who know me outside of this blog, you know I LOVE SWIMMING!!! I swam competitively for many years when I was young and always miss the pool when I’m out of it. So, now that I have access to two pools, I’ve been swimming up a storm. I am so loving it and am considering joingint he Masters Swim Team at our club if we get to stay in FL (or seek one out if we move to TX, I suppose…). It’s so nice to get back to exercise that I truly love. That calms my mind. That leaves me feeling long and strong. Love it!!! 🙂

5) Food:  I’ve been testing out some new things recently including vegan chocolate tarts and turkey taco and grilled zucchini stacks. I started this post with the intention of wrapping up with a recipe, but I feel like that would take the blog post into never-never land which would be a total bummer. That said, I’m saving the recipes for the next couple of posts. So, be sure to check back with me soon. You totally don’t want to miss this – I mean, CHOCOLATE and grilled veggies. Does it get much better? You’re right, it does not.

Well, the Mr. and I are off to take the girlies (anytime I say girls, I mean dogs, just so you know…) on their evening walk. Then, it’s more How I Met Your Mother. We started watching from the beginning on Netflix and are finally on Season 6. Woot! Such a great show.

Enjoy your humpday evening. We’ll talk foon soon. Deal? Deal! Until then, I leave you with pics are my beautiful lil’ family! Night y’all.

First Born (also know as Duchess)

New Born (also know as Violet)

Simply You Health & Wellness

9 Apr

Well, there you have it folks, my new business name – Simply You Health & Wellness. I’m really excited to have everything set-up and running now. It’s crazy how quickly time is passing at Integrative Nutrition, and that I’m already turning what I’m learning into a BUSINESS! Wow! But, super duper excited. So, here are the details. Check me out!


Facebook: (be sure to LIKE me if you drop by)

I’m really encouraged by the response to announcing my website and Facebook page today (via Facebook). I’ve already gotten so many likes, AND I received an email from a potential client. Woo hoo! While I can’t officially start seeing clients until July 1, this is a great step to getting my name out there and networking so that I will be 100% ready to go and in business on July 1!

This whole launching a business thing has been keeping me pretty busy, so I haven’t been doing too much cool, new stuff in the kitchen. However, the hubs and I did re-do the patio this weekend which is totally sweet. It now feels so much more open and beachy. The perfect place to chill on a summer day…or evening!

Before (Unfortunately the table got really warped from the humidity so it looked gross. And, the basil plant is gone and has been replaced by a jalapeno plant that I hope to not kill...)

Notice that we did in fact break in the new patio with a couple cold beers. Celebration!!! 🙂

Well, sorry to keep things short. I hope you’ll check out the new business sites and let me know what you think. I’m a big fan of feedback (and shamelessly soliciting compliments!!!).

Happy Monday (evening) y’all!


11 Nov

Yep, that describes me in the kitchen – big ol’ slump. I’ve been utterly unmotivated, which has left us eating the same things over and over and over. I’m looking at you pumpkin oats, veggie wraps, asian veggie bowls, taco soup, and pizza. Ugh! I need inspiration to try something new. I keep browsing my cookbooks and food blogs, which usually sparks things up. But nothing. I suppose, this too, shall pass. I even made these Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies to try to get things rolling. I mean, come on, have you ever heard anything that sounds so decadently delicious? Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite things in the world – at least when they are fresh out of the oven, they are. So, this sounded like the perfect recipe to “kick it up a notch” and spark the baking bug within me (If I can’t get creative with cooking meals, perhaps baking would be the key?!?!). Well, that was a big ol’ flop. The cookies are delicious – like you should probably make these TODAY delicious –  but the left me resenting baking for all of the mess and clean-up. For now, we’ll just eat cookies…Nutella-laced, gooey, chocolatey cookies!

How was that for a rant this AM?! You probably don’t even need coffee after that! Good morning! 🙂

In other news – still loving my new yoga studio. Mr. Military Man and I went to a Yoga Flow class on Saturday morning (yep, almost a week ago), and it was the most intense yoga class ever! He loved it, I hurt. In fact, 6 days later, my hamstrings are still screaming at me. Must mean my body really needs more physically activity. Point taken! 🙂

And, we’ve continued work on our coffee table. It’s been primed – twice, and topped with one coat of black paint. One more coat, and we’re done…with the base at least. After that, we just have to secure a piece of glass to close off the flight computer that sits on top. Can’t wait for the finished product to be IN our living room. Woo hoo!!!

Oh, and I found a lampshade for my new bird lamp. So loving this part of our living room being complete. That’s my flea market bargain table topped with my new lamp and some picture frames we had around the house. Wahoo!!!

Last, but certainly not least, HAPPY VETERANS DAY to all of those who selflessly serve and have served. A big thanks to those closest to me who have done, and are doing, just that – my Dad and Mr. Military Man! You guys are my heros! 🙂

Feeling Beachy!

25 Oct

Good things on the home-front. We are really enjoying having family in town. We’ve stayed busy exploring and soaking up sunshine. Today, we’re planning much of the same. While we’re out-and-about, I leave you with photos. Enjoy!

Wine Down Wednesday

15 Sep

Yesterday ended up being one of those super crappy days at work. One phone call just changed the tone of the day and I simply couldn’t recover. I spent the day being irritated and stressed. So, come quitting time, Mr. Military Man and I had an R&R plan:  visit a new wine and cheese bar in downtown Pensacola. Great idea!

There is a cute little place called Wine World right downtown in Pensacola. I always notice the sign outside that reads “Wine & Cheese Shop” when we’re down there. I’m a big fan of both wine and cheese, so I knew this would be my kind of place. I was so excited when we headed out to visit.

The weather here has been excellent. Mid-80s, sunny, and not too humid (very important). So, upon arrival, we snatched a table outside. Perfect! Our lovely waitress then came out to inform us that we had arrived in the middle of happy hour, which meant that all wine was on special – a carafe for the price of a glass. Hooray!

I ordered a wonderfully rich, almost smokey Cabernet. It was exactly what I hoped for.

Mr Military Man ordered a Monastrell, which he wasn’t so in love with. It was really really light in taste. Especially after tasting my Cab!

With our wine, we decided to splurge and go with the house cheese plate. No selection for the customer here. The staff picks the cheeses you receive based on selection available each day. We had a good mix overall. I don’t remember all of then (I probably should have taken notes yesterday…), but I do know that there was a bleu cheese that I adored. And, a sheep’s milk brie that was also very tasty. That bright orange, sharp cheddar looking cheese, I didn’t like that at all. It had no taste and was really dry. Overall, we enjoyed it. And, the nuts there in the center….those are rosemary chipotle glazed nuts. Um….freaking delicious. I want to know how to make these. Genius!

Overall, I really enjoyed this place. I definitely think we’ll be going again. It’s a bit pricey though, so we’ll most likely stick to a happy hour outing here-and-there. It was a great place to relax, unwind, and enjoy a slow happy hour of yummy wine and cheese. Sometimes it’s nice to change the pace form the wild, vacationing beach scene.

So, folks, that’s how our evening went. We thought we might be in the mood for a light dinner – salad or something of that sort – when we got home, but no go. We both decided we were full of cheese and nuts. So, we took Duchess for an evening stroll and went to bed at 8PM. So eventful. 🙂

Hope you had a great Wednesday. Enjoy today!

(BTW: Sorry about the super crappy photos. My phone’s camera could use an upgrade!)