Day 1 Down. Here’s to Day 2!

23 Aug

Good morning friends.

Just a quick stop on the blog this AM to update you on my day 1 progress on this 3-day cleanse of mine.

I wasn’t perfect, but the first half of my day was stellar!

It went like this:

Lots and lots and LOTS of room temp lemon water. After my first cup, I felt really thirst which tells me I’m a bit more dehydrated that I thought, and according to Ayurveda, this could also demonstrate the need for lymph support to stimulate lymph drainage.

A smoothie to start the day. I sure wanted some of Mr. Military Man’s bagel with cream cheese, but with a smoothie I went. Good choice.

Lunch was a big ol’ green salad with some soaked white beans and raw mushrooms. I drizzled a bit of olive oil and lime juice on top. It was really good and so big that I was actually full before I could finish it all.

Dinner….oh, bother. This is where my success hit a speed bump. After a really crummy day at work, I felt like poo. I had intentions of coming home to a light workout and a juice. However, I was easily pursuaded into homemade mac n’ cheese and a glass of wine. Remember, I’m not perfect! 🙂 Dinner was delish and I offset things a bit by putting the cheese sauce on a big bowl of broccoli and white beans instead of pasta pasta pasta. Definitely not a cleanse friendly dinner, but what’s done is done.

On the physical activity side of things, I did get in a 40 minute swim and a 20 minute bike ride. Check that off the to-do list for this cleanse. Woot!

So, here’s to Day 2. I think I can, I think I can. So far, lemon water and a smoothie down the hatch.

I’ll keep you posted.

For now, I’ll leave you with my salad from yesterday. Green goodness, eh? (Don’t be fooled by the photo, that yellow bowl is HUGE!!!)




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