My recipes are on Recipage! Hoorah, hooray!

19 Aug

Have you heard of Recipage? Surely you have! But….I suppose that, if you’re not food-blog-obsessed like me, maybe you in fact have not. Regardless, of what you have or have not heard, let me tell you something folks, it’s amaze-balls. Yes, that good. Emily over at Daily Garnish and her hubby created it and I’ve been utilizing it through all sorts of food blogs for months. It makes finding, printing, and sharing blogger recipes so super duper easy.

Why does this matter to you? Well, recently, it hit me that I should probably do something about organizing recipes from my own blog. As I started to develop a simple recipe page through WordPress, it hit me! Why the heck don’t I use Recipage?!?! Ah-ha moment!!!

So, here you have it folks – my very own Mindful Munchies Recipage! Woot!

It’s definitely just a start, and a work in progress, but there are about a dozen recipes up and working. So, check it out. You can read full recipes, see photos, email to friends, print for your reference, and share on FB or Pinterest.

Going forward, each time a recipe is posted, it will also be added to my Recipage for easy access to all of you. (Exciting moment in my little blogger life.)

That’s it for now. I’ve been staring at this computer for the past 4 hours and my eyes hurt. So, I’m stepping away. However, I’ll be back soon with another NEW (decadent fudgy) recipe for you!

Have a super Sunday!!! šŸ™‚


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