My life – let’s hit the highlights!

16 Aug

Hi y’all. Happy Wednesday night. Although it most definitely feels like tomorrow should be Saturday, it’s indeed only Wednesday. Womp womp! Before I get to the food, which is my main priority up on this page, I thought I’d update you on some of the other things that make up my life.

1) Mr. Military Man:  He is flying, and flying, and flying. In fact, I think he’s gone flying more than he is home. And, he has been scheduled for lots of evening and overnight flights, which means I hardly ever see him. This is totally no bueno, but just part of the gig. He is doing well, and super close to finishing this phase of flight school (aka Primary). That means that he’ll be selecting an aircraft soon and moving onto the next phase of things (aka Advanced). At this point, he seems to be leaning toward Maritime (blah, blah Navy speak, but it means he’ll be flying planes that we civilians would ID as those sorts that Southwest Airlines flies). Should this become reality, we’ll likely make a move to TX in September or October. I have to say, I’m sort of okay with that. While I love, love, love Florida and the life we have here, I’m up for something new. Moving is always so exciting – new place to live, new friends, new outings, etc. I like “shaking things up” – for now. We may as well enjoy it while we only have furry children (our two pups!). 🙂 I’ll be sure to keep you posted, but things are going well and we’re anxious to get thru the next 30 days or so to find out what’s next.

2) Doggy training:  We adopted our newborn (we call Duchess, our oldest pup, “first born” which means our youngest dog, Violet, is dubbed “new born”. Clever, aren’t we?) from PAL in Crestview, FL. The shelter is owned by this lovely lady, Hannah, who is an absolute doll. She has created such a great, safe space for these homeless pups on her personal homeland and takes such good care of them. Part of adopting through her is a free dog “training” session with Ken of “The Smartest Dog on the Block“. We’ve put it off for far too long, but finally took advantage of our free session last week. And, OMG! This guy is amazing. I figured a dog trainer would come into our house and teach us to yell commands and swat our dogs. Boy, was I wrong. This guy was totally calm, kind, and NON-PHYSICAL. Everything he tought us involved being calm and assertive, but never mean or physical. We learned some great tips for keeping the girls calm and quiet….oh and down on the ground instead of up jumping on us and everyone who enters our home. So good! We are implementing his diretions each day and seeing great progress in the girls. If we get to stay in Florida for Advanced (the next phase of flight school), we are going to do a full 5 week program with him to turn our girls into superstar listeners! 🙂

3) The new gig:  I’m still really loving my new job. The people I work with are fun and I totally enjoy the socializing. With my past job, I spent a lot of my time working from hom, which made it hard to create much of a social life in a new place. So, total plus there. Additionally, the kids at camp are so stinkin’ awesome. Sure, there are a few troublesome kiddos, but the good ones sure outshine them and I’ll miss many of them who do not return for our after-school program after this week. I also love the part-time schedule and the hourly set-up. After working all of the time, bieng tied to a cell phone/email 24/7, and traveling like a crazy person, the new schedule and being DONE when I leave the building is a total PLUS!!!

4) Swimming:  Since leaving my last job, I have found myself with some free time (hallelujah!), so Mr. Military Man and I joined a local gym. While there were many options in town, we chose the CLUB II for their indoor and outdoor pools. For those of you who know me outside of this blog, you know I LOVE SWIMMING!!! I swam competitively for many years when I was young and always miss the pool when I’m out of it. So, now that I have access to two pools, I’ve been swimming up a storm. I am so loving it and am considering joingint he Masters Swim Team at our club if we get to stay in FL (or seek one out if we move to TX, I suppose…). It’s so nice to get back to exercise that I truly love. That calms my mind. That leaves me feeling long and strong. Love it!!! 🙂

5) Food:  I’ve been testing out some new things recently including vegan chocolate tarts and turkey taco and grilled zucchini stacks. I started this post with the intention of wrapping up with a recipe, but I feel like that would take the blog post into never-never land which would be a total bummer. That said, I’m saving the recipes for the next couple of posts. So, be sure to check back with me soon. You totally don’t want to miss this – I mean, CHOCOLATE and grilled veggies. Does it get much better? You’re right, it does not.

Well, the Mr. and I are off to take the girlies (anytime I say girls, I mean dogs, just so you know…) on their evening walk. Then, it’s more How I Met Your Mother. We started watching from the beginning on Netflix and are finally on Season 6. Woot! Such a great show.

Enjoy your humpday evening. We’ll talk foon soon. Deal? Deal! Until then, I leave you with pics are my beautiful lil’ family! Night y’all.

First Born (also know as Duchess)

New Born (also know as Violet)


One Response to “My life – let’s hit the highlights!”

  1. Mel August 16, 2012 at 1:43 am #

    You guys are just my absolute favorite. How I Met Your Mother on Netflix is something Bo and I have been trying to work through for months! I can’t wait until you guys figure out whether you’re sticking around FL so we can come visit. Miss you terribly! ❤

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