Simply You Health & Wellness

9 Apr

Well, there you have it folks, my new business name – Simply You Health & Wellness. I’m really excited to have everything set-up and running now. It’s crazy how quickly time is passing at Integrative Nutrition, and that I’m already turning what I’m learning into a BUSINESS! Wow! But, super duper excited. So, here are the details. Check me out!


Facebook: (be sure to LIKE me if you drop by)

I’m really encouraged by the response to announcing my website and Facebook page today (via Facebook). I’ve already gotten so many likes, AND I received an email from a potential client. Woo hoo! While I can’t officially start seeing clients until July 1, this is a great step to getting my name out there and networking so that I will be 100% ready to go and in business on July 1!

This whole launching a business thing has been keeping me pretty busy, so I haven’t been doing too much cool, new stuff in the kitchen. However, the hubs and I did re-do the patio this weekend which is totally sweet. It now feels so much more open and beachy. The perfect place to chill on a summer day…or evening!

Before (Unfortunately the table got really warped from the humidity so it looked gross. And, the basil plant is gone and has been replaced by a jalapeno plant that I hope to not kill...)

Notice that we did in fact break in the new patio with a couple cold beers. Celebration!!! 🙂

Well, sorry to keep things short. I hope you’ll check out the new business sites and let me know what you think. I’m a big fan of feedback (and shamelessly soliciting compliments!!!).

Happy Monday (evening) y’all!


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