6 Apr

I have a business name!!!

Yep, it’s true.

Apparently just telling y’all I needed to come up with one is all I needed. About an hour after the post went live, it came to me out of no where. What’s more, the name was available to register in Florida, and the domain was available. Hooray, and hoorah!

So, what is the name of your business, you ask?!?! Well, I’ll tell you soon enough. I’m putting some finishing touches on a website and Facebook page, then it’s all yours. I’m really excited to share it with you guys, and SUPER EXCITED about this next step in my life/career. Life is good!

For now, a sneak peak:








And, to add a cherry to my good day sundae, it’s FRIDAY…and the sun is out! The only down side is that work is driving me bonkers today. Bleh! Oh well…let’s focus on the positive, shall we?

I’ll be back soon with the unveiling of my new business! STAY TUNED!!! 🙂



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