I got a Vitamix

23 Mar

Yep, that’s right. Yesterday, I finally became the proud owner of a Vitamix. Woot! Best.kitchen.appliance.ever!

I’ve been trying to convince Mr. Military Man that we need one since we first did our wedding registry. He wasn’t buying it. Then, yesterday, that all changed. We stopped by the Navy Exchange to pick up a couple household items, and there it was – a Vitamix demo!!! First, the guy awed us by making a pink lemonade sorbet with purple cabbage and avocado hidden inside. Next? It was homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream. Oh, and there was homemade peanut butter on the table too. That was the trifecta of yumminess I needed to finally convert my hubs into a Vitamix lover just like me.

So, home with us this beauty went…

It’s assembled and working in our kitchen. In fact, I  just made my first creation in it – a spinach, kefir, strawberry, banana, blueberry smoothie. Yum, yum! The texture is like velvet – so much better than my poor little powerless blender from the old days. 😉 Yippee!

Next, I’m making peanut butter.

Anyhow – I wanted to drop by to say HELLO and share the Vitamix news. I’ll be back soon with food pics and details. I have some fun things to share with you including a chipotle avocado cream sauce and vegan cheese sauce for enchiladas based around cauliflower! Woot!

Have a fun Friday. I’ll see you again soon!


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