Herby Potato Salad

22 Mar

Mr. Military Man loves salads – not so much the kind with lots of veggies, more the kind with lots of pickles and mayo. This is totally fine and I am not wholly against his mayo-loving ways. However, I think it’s important – especially in the Spring and Summer – to lighten things up! A big goal of mine currently is to EAT SEASONALLY. I think the earth provides us with some key foods throughout the year that, when eaten in season, help to create a complete and balanced diet each year. That being said, my Spring list just went up onto the fridge this month which called for a fun trip to the store to load up on some different fruits and veggies. Wahoo! (Yes, I really DO get excited about going grocery shopping. Is that weird? It’s literally something I look forward to. Don’t judge me…) One of the ingredients on the list is potatoes. Last season, we were all about sweet potatoes, but now the colors have changed. So, I loaded up on a 5 lb bag of organic russet potatoes not knowing what the heck I’d do with ’em.

Why am I so confused about what to do with potatoes? Well, in my disordered eating days, potatoes were completely OFF LIMITS. They were a “bad” food, full of carbs – duh! I now know this is totally NOT TRUE (no REAL foods are BAD!), but I have some catching-up to do on cooking these guys. I mean, I can make mashed potatoes, but it pretty much stops there. I’m working on this. Anyway…moving on…

Back at home, the potatoes went right onto my work space on the counter to ensure I couldn’t escape them. I spent entirely too much time deciding how to use these babies. Cookbooks were opened and blogs were searched. Then, it hit me. (That saying is just so violent. Do my thoughts have it out for me?) I should make potato salad….my way! I remembered an parsley based sauce I made as an accompaniment to grilled calamari back in the day and decided it would be absolutely delicious as the base for a potato salad. Lucky for me, I was right.

Here’s how it went:

6 potatoes (chopped into cubes for boiling. If you don’t have organic potatoes, I’d recommend some peeling. If you do have organic leave those skins on – there is fiber, vitamin c, potassium, iron, and copper hiding in there!)

1 bunch of parsley or, about 1 cup

1/4 cup  rice wine vinegar (I think red wine vinegar or white balsamic could work well here too!)

3 cloves of garlic (you’ll taste this, so if you aren’t a lover of raw garlic, feel free to scale this down)

1/4 cup olive oil

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp paprika (I used smoked paprika because I have it. Feel free to do the same if you also have this…)

salt & pepper as you see fit

Start with the potatoes. Since you’ve already cut ’em into cubes based on my note in the ingredients list, you’ll now want to get a pot of water onto the stove over high heat. Once it gets to a boil, dump the potatoes in. Be careful, the water will splash; and the water is super hot! Boil the potatoes for about 10 minutes or until they are softened but slightly firm. You don’t want them mashing down when you mix them with your sauce. Once they’re done, drain those babies and throw them into a large mixing bowl. Set aside.

Now, the fun part. You get to use your food processor. (What I’m basically saying it, you’re going to be doing some dish washing by hand later. Grrrr…)

Into your food processor, dump your parsley, rice wine vinegar, garlic (Tip here: sometime when I throw the how cloves in, they don’t break down completely evenly. So, i mince the garlic cloves into the processor. Take it or leave it, but now you know!), cumin, and paprika. Go ahead and pulse that a few times.

Then, get your oil ready and flip your food processor to ON! As the goodies spin round, pour your oil in. Let it go for about 30 seconds, then is should be good. FYI:  using only 1/4 Cof oil left the consistency very herby and thick. If you desire a thinner sauce, you could add more oil or some water or veggie broth to thin it out further.

Now, dump that sauce into your potato bowl and stir everything together. Stick the finished product into the fridge for about an hour (unless you prefer warm potato salad), then it’s yours to enjoy.

Mr. Military Man gave me some very positive feedback on this. In fact, he had a heaping bowl with lunch yesterday. You definitely taste the parsley, but if you’re okay with that, it’s a successful twist on a spring/summer classic. I definitely think this would be a great side dish to serve along some grilled salmon, steak, chicken, or veggies. It’s fresh and vibrant and much lighter than the alternatives. And, for those of you who may be critiquing me calling this a “salad”, I get that it’s really just potatoes with a sauce, but it’s replacing standard mayo potato salad in our house, and it’s my blog, so I’m going with “salad” here. thank.you.very.much!

And, on a further health note, parsley is so good for you and this is a great way to eat a rather large amount of it at once. According to NutritionData.com, parsley is LOADED with Vit A, Vit C, and Vit K. Like, one serving gets you more than a RDA of these vitamins. How cool is that? So, enjoy the yumminess and the vitamin kick!

That about does it for today. Storms are rolling into FL today, but I hope we avoid the flooding and tornadoes the South and Midwest have gotten recently. *fingers crossed* As long as I don’t blow away or get flooded-in, I’m off to happy hour at a great little wine shop in downtown Pensacola this evening with a couple other military significant others. Really looking forward to it. It’s actually my first girls-only happy hour since moving to FL! Yay for having a social life… 😉

Have a terrific Thursday y’all. See you again soon!


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