Green Smoothies…and a belated Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

20 Mar

Top o’ the mornin’ to you! So, I missed St. Patrick’s Day here on the blog. Actually, I pretty much missed it altogether. Mr. Military Man had to work (ugh!) on Saturday, so I spent the day running errands and lounging around the house. I’m pretty much okay with missing out though, in retrospect. Looking back on it, I’m not a fan of corned beef and cabbage (cabbage = yes!, corned beef = ick!) so the food doesn’t attract me. And, while I’m down for beer drinking with friends, adding green food coloring to my beer only turns me off. Plus, the bars want to charge you MORE for crappy beer because they added like two whole cents worth of crappy food coloring (artificial coloring!!!) to it? Whatever! That being said, here’s the only green I sported on Saturday – a delicious GREEN SMOOTHIE!

Super easy, folks. Super!

Dust of the ol’ blender and plug that sucker in. Then…

To the blender, add 3 handfuls of spinach (you can increase or decrease this based on your preference and bravery!) and about 1/2 cup of milk (or non-dairy milk, or juice). Blend these suckers until it’s one smooth (and slightly frothy) mixture. The spinach should work down to mostly liquid with a few “crumbs” here and there.

Add 1 whole banana (on the small side in my opinion…), a handful of frozen strawberries, a handful of fresh blueberries (fresh because I found ’em locally and their super delish!), and 1 tbsp of almond butter (or any nut butter you love – I think cashew butter could be superb).

Then, you blend, blend, blend. I don’t know if there is a time that is best for optimal consistency and texture. I just blend until I’m afraid the motor of my blender may overheat. Then, I stop and go on with consuming it.

(Note:  depending on how thick or runny you like your smoothies, you may want to add more liquid. Just add a bit at a time to make sure you don’t end up with a super liquidy mess.)

Next, ENJOY! Prefereably with a friend because you just finished making a huge load of smoothies! (My un-recipe recipe above serves 2)

Notice that I was so dang festive I even used green straws? Spiffy, eh?

Do not fear the color. These are really really yummy and you can’t even taste the spinach. No really – test this. Try to taste it – you can’t. And, the almond butter adds a great flavor and savory/sweetness to the smoothie.

I threw some Maca root powder into mine for some superfood action. If you’re a Maca fan, definitely add it. The smoothie hides the flavor completely. Just be sure to blend it in. If you stir it – ahem! – you’ll end up with Maca root clumps in your smoothie which is a bit of a turn off.

Green smoothies are a staple around here in Spring and Summer. They’re an easy and quick way to pack lots of RAW veggies and fruits into a meal. And, Spring time in the PERFECT time to take advantage of all the fresh berries popping up.


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