Comfort Food

1 Mar

So, today just flew by and I’m exhausted. I’m not sure why, really. I mean, my work day was busy, but no longer than I expected and I sure wasn’t overly active. Hmmm…I guess I blame the gloomy weather. But, I suppose that’s neither her nor there. Moving on…

I haven’t anything too exciting to share, but wanted to drop by to say hello. I hope your Wednesday was a tad more wonderful than mine. I’m totally ready for a weekend. You feel me? Word! 🙂

I do have one thing to cover though – MAC-N-CHEESE! One of Mr. Military Man’s favorite comfort foods is mac-n-cheese, and usually the boxed variety. I’m not a huge fan, as it’s super high in calories and doesn’t leave me feeling full. So, we’ve been on a mission to healthify this classic comfort food. Tonight, we succeeded. Woot! The winning dish? A scrumptious Creamy Cauliflower Mac. We originally found a similar idea in Vegetarian Times, but never got around to trying it. But, then today, I spotted an article in Runner’s World for a recipe that actually uses the cooked cauliflower as a base for your cheese sauce instead of a substitute for pasta – way more up my alley. So, a pan of Creamy Cauliflower Mac was made and devoured. It was insanely good. And, the sauce? Whoa, nelly! Awesome!

But, anyhow – details on all that tomorrow. For now, a sneak peak… (It’s making you want some mac-n-cheese pronto, huh?!)

Picture Curtesy of

Now, it’s time for some studying. I’m a little behind with my nutrition studies this week. Oops. I’m lacking a smidge of motivation this week, that’s for sure.

Nighty, night blog friends. Until tomorrow…


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