Fun on the Farm

28 Feb

This past weekend, Mr. Military Man and I spent a FANTABULOUS weekend with our friends Lindsay and Zach. The four of us rented a super quaint cabin on Evergreen Farm outside of Nashville, TN. The weather was awesome, the cabin was more than we had hoped for, and the company was superb. Mr. Military Man and I had so much fun.

Friday was spent road-tripping to TN, followed by a low-key evening in. The four of us decided on whipping up guacamole and veggie enchiladas for dinner. So, we headed to the grocery store and spent the rest of the evening cooking, eating, drinking, chatting, and laughing. Can you really ask for more?

Saturday, we had a fantastic, active day in Nashville. After a lazy morning in the cabin (and Fox News – Z & L were really happy!), we all loaded up our bicycles and went into downtown Nashville where we unloaded and rode all around. It was such a cool way to see a new city (too bad I didn’t take any pics – womp, womp!). After some physical activity, it was back to the cabin to change clothes and hit up the town. Our first stop? Dick’s Last Resort. The whole idea is that everyone who works there is supposed to be a “d*ck” by being sarcastic and rude. Whatever! That was so not the case. Our bartender was nice and even led us to our amazing dinner spot – Whiskey Kitchen. Yum, yum, yum! I didn’t take pictures here either, but if you are ever in or near Nashville, go here and order the Fried Green Tomato Southern Sliders. This dish will blow. your. mind. Guaranteed!

So, that’s the report for now. The weekend was a success and we enjoyed some good ol’ R&R in great company. Here are some pictures of the fun we had on the farm in between drinking and activities. 😉

Have a good Tuesday. I’m about to drink a cup of coffee (why, yes it IS 3 o’clock. But, what you failed to add to the equation is that it is FOGGY and drizzly here in FL. Ick!!!)


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