A Change of Direction

2 Feb

Yep, it’s been a month and I haven’t visited my little blog once. It’s not that I have thought of  it. Sure, I’ve wanted to write. I’ve wondered if anyone cares if I write. But…I just haven’t had a whole lot to share. Until now!

So, here’s some news. Yours truly – the voice of Mindful Munchies – is back in school. As of January, I am a student at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC. Lucky for me, they have an awesome distance program that fits into my ridiculously (seriously, it’s dumb!) hectic and unpredictable work schedule. I am beyond excited that I have finally enrolled and am working toward something I have so much passion for. In about a year, I’ll have the certification in place to work as a Health Coach. *insert big ol’ happy dance here* Those of you close to me know that I’m a bit (okay, overwhelmingly may be more appropriate) stagnant and uninspired in my current line of work. You also know that I’ve had my own struggles with health, weight, and self-love over the years. I feel that those two things have beautifully coupled-up to drive me to this big career change into the field of health and nutrition.

Now that I have this marvelously exciting, new path ahead of me, I’m going to use my blog in a different way. To date, it’s been a place for me to share random recipes and what Mr. Military Man and I have been up to. That’ll still be here, but I want to share my journey toward becoming a healthier ME, as well as a successful Health Coach. As I complete this program at The Institute for Integrative Nutrtion (IIN), I know I’ll see all sorts of positive changes in myself and my life. I want to document that to remind me of just how right it is for me to be following my heart and soul on this path, and also to remind me of how much I have to share with others.

To those of you who read my little blog, I hope you’ll stick around. I hope you’ll celebrate the wins in the year ahead and stick it out through the tough times (and academic lessons) too. In one year, when I look back, I can’t wait to see big progress.But, for now, it’s off to do some study group work with a couple fellow students.

BTW: Don’t worry – this blog isn’t going all granola because of my new goal of becoming a Health Coach. We’ll still eat cheesy Mexican food and pizza. And, we’ll definitely be drinking coffee and enjoying delicious beer. We may just try to do it a little less often, while being a little more aware of the bigger picture of our health as it relates to what we ingest. Ha!

Oh, and on the food front (I’m such a space cadet sometimes. How do people stay on one train of thought?!?!) – Mr. Military Man is cooking dinner this evening. He found a recipe in Vegetarian Times for cauliflower mac ‘n cheese that he’s uber excited about! Yippee!

Toodles y’all. 🙂




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