Baby it’s cold outside…

1 Dec

Yep, I’m getting into the Christmas spirit. Probably because it’s been absolutely fa-reezing here in Florida. Yep, I woke up to frost on our cars this morning and actually had to turn the heat on in our home. For those of you reading this from a colder spot on the globe, I know – we are pretty darn lucky here in FL. It never REALLY gets cold or snowy or icy. But, let me tell you. When you’re used to 80* days with 90+% humidity, 30* feels like the end of the world.

So, with that said. The cold weather has led me into the following activities:

Cooking Paula Dean’s pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing. Luckily these are being donated to a bake sale tomorrow or my hips would be in so much trouble. (PS – if you are a pumpkin fan and you haven’t had these, the recipe should go on your to-do list pretty immediately).

Cooking taco soup. Ok, you’re right. I just do that every week because it’s become my favorite go-to meal in the world.

Putting up a Christmas tree. I totally played the scrooge bit and told Mr. Military Man that we didn’t need a Christmas tree since it’d only be up for a few weeks before heading home to AR for Christmas. But, it got cold, I heard Christmas music….and I caved. It looks really nice though. I’m glad we have one. Sometimes my husband is just so dang smart. And, pardon Duchess’s crazy eyes. Not sure what’s up with that and I don’t care enough to figure out how to edit it out of the picture. Hehe!

Christmas shopping. So many presents have been acquired. I love it! I’ve actually done a lot of my shopping online this year which is totally new for me. I love to actually go into a store and see something before I buy it. But, now with all of the unique things you can find online (I’m talking to you, why go to the mall? The UPS man is making lots of visits. Duchess likes it. It gives her something to bark at in the afternoon. 🙂

Sneak peak at a couple goodies:

Lastly – my new cold weather activity – dieting! Mr. Military Man and I implemented a Biggest Loser competition in our household to get some friendly competition going around getting our butts in shape. So far, so good. But, I mean, it’s been less than a week. One day at a time. (And, I know what you’re thinking – but I didn’t lick the bowl of the cream cheese icing and I only had one pumpkin square) So, we’ll see how it goes. I’m really past the whole idea of deprivation and fad diets, so it doesn’t feel too much like torture. I’m really trying to focus on incorporating more fruits and vegetables into our meals. We had fallen into a rut of lots and lots of processed foods without so many veggies. Womp, womp!

I hope things are going well with you. Happy Holidays!!!


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