11 Nov

Yep, that describes me in the kitchen – big ol’ slump. I’ve been utterly unmotivated, which has left us eating the same things over and over and over. I’m looking at you pumpkin oats, veggie wraps, asian veggie bowls, taco soup, and pizza. Ugh! I need inspiration to try something new. I keep browsing my cookbooks and food blogs, which usually sparks things up. But nothing. I suppose, this too, shall pass. I even made these Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies to try to get things rolling. I mean, come on, have you ever heard anything that sounds so decadently delicious? Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite things in the world – at least when they are fresh out of the oven, they are. So, this sounded like the perfect recipe to “kick it up a notch” and spark the baking bug within me (If I can’t get creative with cooking meals, perhaps baking would be the key?!?!). Well, that was a big ol’ flop. The cookies are delicious – like you should probably make these TODAY delicious –  but the left me resenting baking for all of the mess and clean-up. For now, we’ll just eat cookies…Nutella-laced, gooey, chocolatey cookies!

How was that for a rant this AM?! You probably don’t even need coffee after that! Good morning! 🙂

In other news – still loving my new yoga studio. Mr. Military Man and I went to a Yoga Flow class on Saturday morning (yep, almost a week ago), and it was the most intense yoga class ever! He loved it, I hurt. In fact, 6 days later, my hamstrings are still screaming at me. Must mean my body really needs more physically activity. Point taken! 🙂

And, we’ve continued work on our coffee table. It’s been primed – twice, and topped with one coat of black paint. One more coat, and we’re done…with the base at least. After that, we just have to secure a piece of glass to close off the flight computer that sits on top. Can’t wait for the finished product to be IN our living room. Woo hoo!!!

Oh, and I found a lampshade for my new bird lamp. So loving this part of our living room being complete. That’s my flea market bargain table topped with my new lamp and some picture frames we had around the house. Wahoo!!!

Last, but certainly not least, HAPPY VETERANS DAY to all of those who selflessly serve and have served. A big thanks to those closest to me who have done, and are doing, just that – my Dad and Mr. Military Man! You guys are my heros! 🙂


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