Where does the time go?

8 Nov

While life hasn’t been busy in the normal sense of things, I feel like the time just keeps flying by, and before I know it, another day is gone. So, sorry about the lifeless blog. What can I say? I love this blog – at times. But, I just can’t really force myself to write when I’d rather lounge on the couch in my sweatpants. 🙂 At least I am honest. So, what has been going on in this military household lately? Great question. Here’s a recap:

  • Flea Market renovations continue. ETC (estimated time of completion)? Sometime this week. *FINGERS CROSSED* But, there’s been progress. Can you see? Definitely not finished. There is much painting to do, but we wanted to move it into the living room for a sneak-peak.
  • Pizza. Delicious, fresh veggie filled (with some sausage on Mr. Military Man’s side), pizza. OMG! This was so good.
  • Lots of How I Met Your Mother watching. I am about 5 (maybe 6) seasons late to realizing that this show is AWESOME!!! So, Mr. Military Man bought me Season 1 and 2. We watching at least a few episodes every evening. Love it!
  • Yoga! Lots of Yoga. And, can I just tell you that this is the single best addition to my routine since moving to FL? I found an amazing Yoga studio, Navarre Living Yoga, down the road from our town. Last month, the studio offered a special – Unlimited Yoga for $50! What a deal. I bought it on the last day of October so I could soak in the classes in November when I wouldn’t be traveling for work. At first, I was sort of intimidated by the idea of giving this a whirl since I’m a yoga newbie and I don’t exactly have the physique of a practiced yogi. But, I was so wrong to worry. Everyone I’ve met here is so welcoming and friendly, and the instructors are extremely knowledgeable. So far, I’ve gone to 6 difference classes in little over a week. Hooray! Mr. Military Man even came with me to Yoga for Meditation and Yoga Flow. 🙂 I am so thankful to have found this studio, and can’t wait to continue to build my yoga skill here. Stay tuned!
  • Total Gym score! Yep. We scored a sweet deal of a Total Gym from a neighbor at a garage sale over the weekend. I’ve really wanted one of these for years, but they’re so dang expensive.

  • Cool new bird lamp. I spotted this great lamp stand at World Market about one month ago but walked away from it. Mr. Military Man kept hearing me talk about it so he bought it for me over the weekend. Now…to find the right lamp shade.

  • Asian veggie bowls. We may have made this for dinner two nights in a row. It’s a great way for us to use up some veggies in our fridge. Stir ’em around in some broth, liquid aminos, and ginger, then serve over brown rice. Simple, eh? But, note to self – must stop with the sirracha chili sauce. I about burned my lips off yesterday. On a side note – how great are these “bowls”? They are part of a Cassoulet set we received for our wedding. They work perfectly for dinners like this!

So, that brings you up to speed on things in our life. Today, Mr. Military Man gets to buy Modern Warfare 3 (a video game) so I probably won’t see much of him today. In my world – I’m off to the dentist (ICK!!!) and depending on whether or not I am without pain afterwards, it will be a day of work and then some yoga this evening.

Take care and enjoy this terrific Tuesday!!!



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