Flea Market Frenzy!!!

30 Oct

Mr. Military man and I hit the local flea markets in search of something to re-purpose into a coffee table. I’ve been so inspired by the things I’ve seen in the DIY section of Pinterest lately that I was determined to make something our own instead of purchasing something generic for our home. After hours of searching through flea markets, we hit the jackpot. At our very last stop we picked up a gigantic (like 5′ x 3′), a fun little table for the foyer, and a great table to use as an end table in our living room. It was great. And, even better, we got a super deal on the two tables – only $5 a piece. Wahoo! So, home we went.

We’ve decided to turn the flight computer into a really great (and big) coffee table for our living room.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Well, before you make any assumptions about the ease of this project, you should know that Mr. Military Man and I are anything but handy. We have a surplus of tools, most of which are still in boxes or packaging. After making sketches and pretending we were legit, we took some measurements and headed to Lowe’s for some help. We found a really nice guy who looked at our sketch and actually got our vision. He walked us through what kind of wood we should use and how best to attached all of these random pieces of wood together. We were ready to go….almost. Turns out a cordless drill needs to charge for about 8-10 hours the first time you pull it out of the box, so we only got this far. But, it’s progress. We’ll be continuing this project in about….8-10 hours. 😉

In other news, I decided to paint the tables I purchased to give them a more refreshed (and girly) look. I happened across a quart of awesome purple-grey paint at Lowe’s for just $2.50. It was a quart they mis-mixed for a customer, so I got it for a steal. So, I’ve been painting. I really really like it, and found painting to be far easier that I anticipated. I’m thinking of all sorts of things in our home that would be better painted a different color. 🙂



So, with that, we are hanging on the couch watching dumb TV shows, totally vegging out. I hope you enjoy a relaxing evening as well. I’ll keep you posted on the re-purposing, construction progress.

Oh, and Duchess says hello. On top of all of our flea market, construction, painting fun, she enjoyed a fun-filled day at the dog park. In fact, she even played with a giant Great Dane. He was soooooo big!


One Response to “Flea Market Frenzy!!!”

  1. Marybeth November 1, 2011 at 7:40 pm #

    Home Depot also sells paint on the cheap. $5 for a gallon and they call it “oops” paint. I used it in my closet, and both bedrooms. I find that places like Columbia have more Ooops paint than places like Dundalk. I guess more affluent people are pickier with their paint. HAH!

    AND I love your ideas for the tables!

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