Woo Pig Sooie!

23 Oct

It’s been a productive Saturday in this military household. Mr. Military Man’s parents are coming to visit today so we spent the early part of the day cleaning. We were thorough. In fact, we cleaned everything from bathrooms, to our deck, to our dog. Phew! Then, after the cleaning festivities were complete, we took off into town to run some errands. Mostly, we had to get Duchess dog food, treats, and a shedding brush (ok, not the technical term, but basically it’s a dog brush that gets there loose hair so more ends up in the brush/trash instead of my home!). In addition to doggie errands, we picked up a few bottles of wine we found at a tent sale and some gift accessories for the in-laws.

Isn’t this gift box so cute? Found it at World Market. Even more than looking cute, it’s a fabric box so it’s reusable. What a great idea.

Now, we’re back at our casa. I have a loaf of bread in the oven (my first attempt at bread making actually. If all turns-out as planned, I’ll provide you pictures and details tomorrow), veggie soup leftovers on the stove, and a Razorback game on the TV (we recorded the game earlier in the day). What a game. Knowing the outcome of the game is so much better. It totally eases the stress and anxiety of the game. Works for me. Woo Pig Sooie!!! Way to beat Ole Miss!

Parent arrival to occur in t-minus 4 hours. Until then, we’re just relaxing, and playing indoor fetch with Duchess.

Ewwwww! Dog slobber!!!

Enjoy your evening!!!


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