Mr. Military Man Flew a Plane!

13 Oct

Yesterday was Mr. Military Man’s first flight. Wahoo!!! What an exciting day. When he returned home from his FIRST FLIGHT, he had so much to tell me about take-offs and landings and comms. It was pretty cool stuff. We decided a celebration was in order since this happens only once in a lifetime. We landed on cold beers as a good plan, and set out to try a local brewery in town – Pensacola Bay Brewery. So glad we did. This place was great.

The brewery and bar are located in a well-cared-for historic niche of Pensacola, so it’s charm immediately draws you in from the outside. As we approached the front door, there were a couple of guys on the front brick-paved patio playing chess and drinking beer. So pictureque (yet I took no picture – go figure!). Inside, this place makes me feel like I’m back in the MD/VA area. It has a real tavern sort of feel . I loved it. They had  6 or 8 (I think) different beers on tap of their own brews and a couple from other craft breweries. Mr. Military Man and I both decided to try something from Pensacola Bay Brewery (when in Rome…). I had the Porter, he had the Amber Ale. Both were really good. We have heard a few mixed reviews about the quality of the beer since moving here, but I must say that both of our choices were excellent, and we’ll most definitely buy them again…and again. Delicious beer, welcoming space, and friendly staff. Winning combo for us!

If you are anywhere near Pensacola and in the mood for a cold mug of beer, stop here. You won’t be disappointed. Plus, it’s local. How cool is that?!


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