It’s like a garbage can…

13 Oct

…Just throw everything in there and hope it doesn’t stink too badly. 😉

But seriously, that’s sort of how lunch went yesterday. We had a lot of random foods to use up, and I was in an orange mood (remember Pumpkin Oats?). Yes, it’s a trend. I believe I’m making up for the fact that everything here in FL STAYS GREEN. Blah!

I call this a Mexican Garbage Bowl (maybe it should be the “Orange Garbage Bowl”). Basically, it’s just a mix of everything “Mexican-y” that I had in the pantry and fridge. It can be ready in about 10 minutes and provides such a great mix of textures and flavor. Try this next time you need a quick way to spice up your day!

Mexican Garbage Bowl

(serves 2, at least)

3/4 of yellow pepper (the other 1/4 was used for a salad a few days ago)

1/2 onion (the other 1/2 was used last week)

1 small sweet potato

1 can black beans (rinsed)

1 can diced tomatoes and green chiles (rinsed)

1 tbsp cumin

1 tbsp Chipotle Tabasco

1 cup quinoa (that you may have cooked up days ago…)

You’ll want to dice-up the pepper, onion, and sweet potato then saute in a pan over medium-high heat until tender. I sauteed mine in veggie broth, as usual. Once peppers, onions, and taters are soft, dump beans and tomatoes/chiles into the pan. Stir to combine. Add cumin and Tabasco. Stir again. Let everything heat-up together for about 5 minutes. Then, dump a heaping pile onto some quinoa. A Mexican fiesta in your mouth awaits!

My bowl (the pink one pictured at the top of the post) was topped-off with a heapin’ spoonful of verde salsa I found at World Market. Delicious!

It was so nice to be back in my kitchen. All of this travel is wearing me out. I have another trip this weekend. Then, hopefully, I’ll be home for a while.

And, to wrap things up, read this article. Well, read it if you’re at all up to speed or interested in GMO foods. They’re sneaking them into everything – especially processed foods. Just another reason to focus on eating truly natural, whole foods – mostly organic. It’s a bit sad how hard you have to work to know what you’re eating. I bet my grandma remembers the day when corn was just corn, soy just soy, and chicken….just chicken. Oh how things have changed. I hope you enjoy this short read:

How Big Agribusiness Is Taking Over The Cereal And Granola Aisle


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