Hello, Nashville!

9 Oct

I pulled into Nashville around 7:00 yesterday. The drive went well, and quickly, which is a huge plus. Once I arrived in Nashville, I dropped my stuff at the hotel then headed out to Trader Joes and Whole Foods. I have to say these two places are what I miss most about living in Annapolis. In Pensacola, we have neither. In fact, we don’t have anything close. Yes, we have a lovely food co-op but it’s really tiny and generally things are very expensive. So, off I went (so excited!!!). At Trader Joes, I loaded up on Organic Pureed Pumpkin. 6 cans. That should hold us over for a few weeks. (Then what will I do?!) Oh – and I got Pineapple Salsa as well. We love this stuff! Then, off to Whole Foods. There, I picked up some of their private label organic preserves. They’re super cheap and really yummy. And, come on, they keep forever in those jars! After my small shopping spree was done, I decided to eat, and the Whole Foods salad/hot food bar was calling my name. I loaded up a to-go tub with all sorts of veggies. Highlights included chili beets, cajun sweet potatoes, and grilled veggies. Mmmmm! And, because it was cold and dark outside, I also got a small cup of Curried Dahl soup. So thick and creamy. Would be perfect on a snowy afternoon.

Now, I have to head out to the conference to set-up our exhibit booth. It’s really hard to get motivated to work on a Sunday. Just in case you were wondering.

See y’all later!!!


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