Cheese, Please!

5 Oct

Before I tell you about yesterday, I should tell you that there was once more pumpkin oatmeal in my kitchen this morning. This time, half a banana went into the mix to sweeten the deal. Ok…moving on!

Last night, I realized we had a wheel of “fancy cheese” in the fridge that needed to be eaten ASAP. So, what’s one to do when a whole wheel of cheese needs to be eaten? Call the neighbors? Good idea, except we don’t know any of them. Invite some friends? Would do, but they all live hundreds of miles away. So, we created a cheese plate centered around our “fancy” wheel of cheese and attempted to eat it all – just the two of us. On the platter? Roasted asparagus, roasted tomatoes, baguette slices, blackberry jam, and CHEESE! It was super simple, yet absolutely scrumptious. We used to make plates like this all of the time in MD. But, the selection here is really lacking, so we don’t have much to choose from other than processed chedder or pepper jack. So, this is a rare occassion.

Then, just because I felt like trying something new, I made crabcakes. Mr. Military Man and I bought a random can of crab meat a while back after trying to figure out how to make CHEAP crabcakes. You see, we both like them – realllly like them. But, out, they are pricey. And, we are on a budget (or we’re trying to be). So, cheap is good. I found a recipe on Foodnetwork’s website and sort of used it as a guide. In the end, I think I used crab, crushed melba crackers, egg yolk, dijon mustard, old bay, and liquid aminos. It was pretty tasty. Not as good as the stuff made with giant lump crab, but delicious for a bargain cake. ….I may have burned the little melba crumbs a bit in the broiler. Oops!

So, that was dinner. The evening involved a bit of wine and a new episode of Sons of Anarchy. Does anyone else watch this show? Season 1-3 were AMAZING! Like, I was obsessed, couldn’t stop watching, amazing! But, season 4 is sort of disappointing me. Hmmm….hopefully it gets better.

Now, I’m done with what ended up being a really really busy day of work and I’m thinking I’m in the mood for some Chai Tea. Have a great evening. I don’t feel like cooking this evening. Just in case you were wondering!

Oh!!! Duchess. She is feeling okay now. This afternoon she started drinking more water and got back to wanting to play with her squeeky toys. The teeth cleaning procedure yesterday really threw her for a loop. She was whining and lying around all day – from the anesthesia I assume. Today, she just has awful farts and diarrhea. Too much information perhaps; but I figure, this is my blog, and I have to deal with it. So, you can too. Hopefully it will pass soon and she’ll be back to 100%. Let’s hope!


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