The weekend came, and the weekend….is gone!

3 Oct

Sheesh! Weekends always go so fast. What the heck? And, most of the time, I look back on them and think of about a zillion more things I had hoped to accomplish before another work week smacked me in the face. Oh well – there’s always next weekend!

Saturday involved the purchase of new living room furniture. We got a GREAT deal on this leather sofa and loveseat. Spiffy, huh? Mr. Military Man is very happy that he can now enjoy football season OFF of the floor and on the couch. 😉 So, that was a win for us.

It took us no time to settle in!

After this, we went by a little place in town called Hopjacks that offers 110 (yes, as in over 100) beers on tap. I’m a little obsessed with pumpkin at this time, which includes pumpkin brews. I was hoping they’d have a few on tap to try, but they had only one. Dogfish Double Pumpkin. It was good, but too pumpkin pie for me. It was super sweet and the sweetness lingered. So, I went with a Rogue Shakespeare Stout instead. Always a winner.

Then, we came home, assembled furniture, and chilled. When dinner time rolled around, Mr. Military Man offered to take me to Jaco’s. This is a little water front restaurant we had been to once before for lunch and loved. I have a vegetarian stuffed portabello atop risotto and it was a-mazing. No, even better than you’re thinking. It blew my mind. And, Mr. Military Man had a salad with these crazy good fried feta balls on top. Those should seriously be offered as an appetizer. So, needless to say, his offer was pretty exciting. Off we went. For dinner, I ordered veggie lasagna (that’s fresh arugula on top). He ordered The Palafox pasta dish which was basically penne with olive oil, garlic, spinach, tomatoes, and olives. Unfortunately, both were just so-so this time. The temperature of his dish was a bit off – nearly cold. And, while lasagna LOOKED beautiful on the plate, it had a little more noodle and less veggie filling than I was hoping for. So, dinner was okay; not as delicious as our lunch. I guess we found out menu favorites the first time out. One bright spot – regardless of the food – they allow dogs on their patio. So, we’ll be taking Duchess for lunch again soon. And, perhaps I should just stick to the stuffed portabello. Yum, yum, yum!

Well, that's what it looked like nearly eaten. Can you spot the small sprig of spinach?!

Oh – I almost forgot, until I found the pictures on my phone. After dinner, I was in the mood for something sort of sweet so we decided to try something new. We landed at The Leisure Club downtown. This is a neat place that offers standard coffee shop offerings, but also offers a full dinner menu, beer, and wine. We opted for coffee house fare. I had a latte. He had an iced mocha. We shared a brownie (soooooo goooey….oh gosh!). Loved the atmosphere of this place. It was very modern and had great artistic flare. In addition to normal table seating and small bar, they have little “cubbies” planned out where you can sit in comfy chairs with a little table. Very creative use of space I’d say! And the staff was superb. We’re going back here soon. I could totally see myself hanging out here with a good book and hot coffee on a cold, grey fall day. I wonder if those come around here in FL? Hmmm…

That wrapped-up our Saturday. Sunday? Well Sunday was full of GOOD EATS!!! We made chili. First time for us. I’m putting the details up here later. Check back.

Have a marvelous Monday!!!


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