‘Twas a Fiesta!

28 Sep

Good morning y’all.

So yesterday was so much fun. I love love love living in FL, but I sure to miss my friends in MD. Yesterday, I had a great happy hour / dinner with Marybeth and Tina. We went to one of my absolute favorite spots – Gina’s Cantina. I actually found this place on Yelp when I first moved here a couple years ago. I was on the hunt for Mexican food and Yelp reviews told me this was the spot. Well, that and they have $1 tacos. Yep, $1 tacos. And we’re not talking fast food style here. I mean, fresh chicken, beef, or black bean tacos. Yum, yum!!! Oh, then there are the margaritas. Really good and really strong. They’ll kick you on your butt in no time if you’re not careful. Anyhow – we hung around for a few hours just catching up, eating delicious Mexican food, and cautiously consuming margaritas. It was such a fun night with great company. Sorry there aren’t any pictures. I suck at this….still.

In other news. I heard from Lindsay yesterday. She and Zach are having a great time on their honeymoon. Hooray! She shared a lot about Sonoma with me that now has me 100% convinced that I must visit….and that I may never come home. Perhaps a 1 year anniversary trip?  Haha!!! (That’s a hint Mr. Military Man!)

Have a great one. I’ll try to get pictures from this evening’s festivities. Dinner and drinks with Kate – my roomie of two years prior to marrying Mr. Military Man. So excited to see her and our old town of Annapolis!!! Annapolis, for those of you who are new to my life story, is also where Mr. Military Man and I tied the knot! Awwww! 😉

Later gators!

Random Annapolis picture that I like (not taken by me):



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