Wine Down Wednesday

15 Sep

Yesterday ended up being one of those super crappy days at work. One phone call just changed the tone of the day and I simply couldn’t recover. I spent the day being irritated and stressed. So, come quitting time, Mr. Military Man and I had an R&R plan:  visit a new wine and cheese bar in downtown Pensacola. Great idea!

There is a cute little place called Wine World right downtown in Pensacola. I always notice the sign outside that reads “Wine & Cheese Shop” when we’re down there. I’m a big fan of both wine and cheese, so I knew this would be my kind of place. I was so excited when we headed out to visit.

The weather here has been excellent. Mid-80s, sunny, and not too humid (very important). So, upon arrival, we snatched a table outside. Perfect! Our lovely waitress then came out to inform us that we had arrived in the middle of happy hour, which meant that all wine was on special – a carafe for the price of a glass. Hooray!

I ordered a wonderfully rich, almost smokey Cabernet. It was exactly what I hoped for.

Mr Military Man ordered a Monastrell, which he wasn’t so in love with. It was really really light in taste. Especially after tasting my Cab!

With our wine, we decided to splurge and go with the house cheese plate. No selection for the customer here. The staff picks the cheeses you receive based on selection available each day. We had a good mix overall. I don’t remember all of then (I probably should have taken notes yesterday…), but I do know that there was a bleu cheese that I adored. And, a sheep’s milk brie that was also very tasty. That bright orange, sharp cheddar looking cheese, I didn’t like that at all. It had no taste and was really dry. Overall, we enjoyed it. And, the nuts there in the center….those are rosemary chipotle glazed nuts. Um….freaking delicious. I want to know how to make these. Genius!

Overall, I really enjoyed this place. I definitely think we’ll be going again. It’s a bit pricey though, so we’ll most likely stick to a happy hour outing here-and-there. It was a great place to relax, unwind, and enjoy a slow happy hour of yummy wine and cheese. Sometimes it’s nice to change the pace form the wild, vacationing beach scene.

So, folks, that’s how our evening went. We thought we might be in the mood for a light dinner – salad or something of that sort – when we got home, but no go. We both decided we were full of cheese and nuts. So, we took Duchess for an evening stroll and went to bed at 8PM. So eventful. 🙂

Hope you had a great Wednesday. Enjoy today!

(BTW: Sorry about the super crappy photos. My phone’s camera could use an upgrade!)


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