Wedge salad and sandy toes!

20 Aug

Yesterday was such a good Friday! Work was actually very productive for a Friday, we had a really nice dinner, then we spent the evening at a totally cool beach bar. I love good days!

Let’s start with food. Yesterday, come dinner time, Mr. Military Man and I were hungry, but not starving. And, it was about a zillion degrees outside yesterday so I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of turning on the stove or the oven. The perfect dinner? Wedge salads. As far as salads go, this isn’t exactly a nutrient-rich low-fat one. However, it is a delicious treat that we both love. We don’t have a recipe for this one. It actually came about during a dinner at Ruth’s Chris. We both couldn’t get enough of their wedge salad, so we broke it down and tried to decipher each ingredient. The mix below is our attempt at loose replication.

Simple Wedge Salad

(serves 2)

2 romaine stalks

2 handfuls of cherry tomatoes

blue cheese dressing

blue cheese crumbles

balsamic vinegar

Chop up you romaine stalks as you choose. The chop really is up to you. Mr. Military Man prefers the “wedge” style look so his chunks are huge. Me? I’m a big bite-size chop person, so my chops are much smaller. Be original šŸ˜‰ Place the chopped contents of one stalk on each plate. Next, chop your tomatoes in half (or smaller if you’re like me and like baby bites). Place one handful of tomatoes atop each plate. After this, it’s all up to you. You’ll want to top each salad with blue cheese dressing, then drizzle with balsamic. And, lastly, sprinkle with blue cheese crumbles. In my opinion, this is all in personal taste. I LOVE blue cheese crumbles, so I tend to have a heavy hand with those. And, the tang of the balsamic vinegar is a plus in my book, so i usually pour a ton there and end up with a puddle at the bottom of my plate after the salad is gone. Experiment with it to find your perfect mix!

It’s super simple – nothing fancy here at all. But, Mr. Military Man and I both agreed this was the perfect dinner for our moods and hunger level yesterday. I hope you enjoy!

After dinner, it was time for a dog walk. Being a dog parent is a lot of work, and takes a lot of planning. In the past, we could just come and go as we pleased with no regard to checking-in at home. Now, I am constantly keeping track of time thinking of whether or not Duchess needs to be let out or fed. I’m definitely not ready for kids. I’d have a nervous breakdown for sure!

The walk was great. We met another neighbor last night. Turns out she moved here from Alexandria, VA – our old neck of the woods. I love that small world feeling! I think Duchess is really helping us to meet our neighbors. Two years in the same place in Annapolis and I never met a single neighbor. But we’ve been here less than one month and have already met a half-dozen of our neighbors. How cool is that?!?! Good thing Duchess is so dang cute!

After the dog walk and neighbor mingling, we decided to head to the beach. We haven’t spent much time on Pensacola Beach yet, so we had no idea what we’d find. However, we luckily stumbled across this really awesome bar called Landshark Landing. It’s on the same property as the new Margaritaville Hotel (which I totally want to stay in sometime. I bet the rooms are so cool!!!). The bar itself is all open air and has a huge beach with volleyball courts, seating areas, misting areas, fire pit, and cornhole. We loved this place! Live music, cold beer, and sand between your toes. In my opinion, a day ended with sandy toes is a good day!

So, what does today hold you ask? Well, if Mr. Military Man ever gets out of bed, we’re going to the beach to get some sun and relax. I can’t wait. Eek! I’m starting to see how the beach bum thing catches on. I’m off to pack the cooler and annoy my husband out of bed. Ha!

Have a stellar Saturday y’all. šŸ™‚


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