Happy Hump-Day!

10 Aug

It’s Wednesday. Hooray!!! Half-way through the work week. I like it. If I had a like button right here, I’d be pushing it with some enthusiasm.

Today started like most others – AB & Nanner sandwich. The banana I had today was not quite ripe enough for my liking. I’m a brown banana type of girl. I like ’em super sweet and super soft. Today’s was just to that bright yellow stage. Funny story:  At the co-op the other day, I picked-up a couple bananas that had just started to brown. The guy at the register asked me if I wanted to put them pack to get some ripe ones. I exclaimed, “Heck no! This is when they’re best.” He chuckled and explained that, once there is no visible green on the banana, he won’t eat it. That got me thinking about how strange banana preferences are. I mean, I don’t know anyone who prefers a browning apple to a perfectly ripe one. Or a green lemon, to a perfectly yellow one. Oh, bananas. How strange you are.

Here’s a snapshot of this morning’s duo – AB & Nanner paired with Sbux iced coffee (I know. Sbux coffee – not organic, or fair trade. Big problem. Once I have my coffee pot today – no more!) with some Organic 1/2 & 1/2 from home. I keep reading mixed information about whether Sbux is or is not using only non rGBH/rBST milk. So, when I do go, I buy my coffee black and add dairy from home. I’m sure they think I’m absolutely insane when I walk with with my own little cup of milk. Haha! It keeps ’em on their toes, eh?

Just heard from the moving company and my team of movers is on their way. Eeek! It’s sort of like Christmas morning for adults. Can’t wait to be reunited with my stuff. 🙂

On a side note:  If you’re in a reading/blog mood today, check out this awesome post by Gracefulfitness. She is so cool! She has a great perspective on eating local, natural, real foods and does so much preparation/cooking truly from scratch. In today’s post, she talks about being an “Earth Friendly Foodie”. The post gave me some great ideas on little changes I can make to reduce my grocery bill AND my impact on the environment. Hope you enjoy!

Have a great day! See you later on. Maybe with some house photos if the unpacking goes smoothly!!!


3 Responses to “Happy Hump-Day!”

  1. gracefulfitness August 10, 2011 at 2:33 pm #

    Awww, thanks so much for the sweet shout out!

  2. Marybeth August 10, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    “I’m a brown banana type of girl. I like ‘em super sweet and super soft.”

    Best line EVER!

    • Natasha August 18, 2011 at 1:30 pm #

      Bahahaha!!! Reading it alone in your comment makes it way funnier!

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