Our stuff is coming!

9 Aug

Great news! We finally got a hold of someone who could tell us when our stuff will finally be here. Looks like the moving company will be here at 8AM tomorrow to start unloading our stuff. That means only one more night of air mattress living. How excited am I?

So, for breakfast today, it was the usual. Nothing fancy to report. But, just wait until I can cook some oatmeal!

Lunch was a deconstructed version of yesterday’s lunch (I promise things will get more diversified once I have my life delivered to me tomorrow!). Just a slice of bread toasted in my lone pan, cucumber rounds, and hummus! I’ve felt a tad on the nauseous side all morning and for some reason, this all sounded good separate instead of together. Not sure what’s going on with my stomach. Maybe too much garlic last night? Or, the coconut ice cream before bed? Anyhow, hoping it passes right along soon.

My plate is so messy!

Now off for my mid-day walk. Can’t wait to get out in the sunshine!!! I wonder if I’m getting any sort of tan from this daily sun exposure?! *fingers crossed*

On a different note:  Very good article I found online – 19 Studies Link GMO Foods to Organ Disruption. Looks like I’m a bit behind on reading this, but good information nonetheless. It’s so scary what we’re finding out about GMO foods. Even scarier that everyone’s still consuming them. Mostly because they are HIDDEN in every processed food out there, I suppose! Eat organic. And eat fresh foods. Ah! Ok…enjoy the read. 🙂

See y’all this evening. Soak up some sunshine if you can. Instant happiness!


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