Was a sunny day

8 Aug

“Was a sunny day
Not a cloud was in the sky
Not a negative word was heard
From the people passing by
’twas a sunny day
All the birdies in the trees
And the radio’s singing song
All the favorite melodies”

-Paul Simon

Love me some Paul Simon. And, such perfect lyrics for a day like this. It’s sunny, sunny, sunny and a tad bit cooler (sub 100*) – plus, there’s a breeze. Took a “lunch” break to go for a stroll, eat a sandwich, and post.

Walk was awesome. Such a pick me up in the middle of the day. I’m really thankful to have a chance to get outside. I have to take advantage of any day I’m not traveling for work. This is rare! Oh, BTW, I am in love with our new neighborhood. Super friendly neighbors who smile and wave. What a thought!!!

So, on the food front. Here’s how it’s gone so far.

PB and Nanner sandwich – how original, eh? Delicious nonetheless.

Noontime meal? Sandwich…again! This time, loaded with red pepper spread, spinach, cucumber, and jalapeno hummus. I could have eaten two or three more of these. I have some corn chips in the kitchen that are likely to lure me in this afternoon.

Back to work! Emails are flying in! Ah!!!

See y’all this evening. 🙂



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